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I’m a fake Jersey Shore influencer — it’s not what you think

She’s a figment of our dystopian imag-AI-nation. 

An AI influencer named Vicki Verano, who says she’s from the Jersey Shore, has racked up over 57,000 followers since joining X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, in March.

Everything about Verano’s reality is augmented, including her chest — which appears to have undergone digital plastic surgery. 

Meanwhile, it seems her thousands of followers drooling over her revealing bikini photos and videos might need psychic surgery after falling for her designer’s digital code. 

Commenters underneath a video of Verano walking down the beach in a bikini posted Friday can’t seem to tell that the influencer is fake.

“Love this vacation video! It has three (maybe four) of my favorite things in it!” Verano wrote as the caption of her video.  

Since being posted just hours ago on Friday, the video already has more than 19,000 views and 86 comments. 

“What a fantastic video and the woman is the hottest and most beautiful woman. color again everything a pleasure. I think the beach is on fire. you move, unique. you must be a mermaid,” wrote one poor chump.

“So your married that your wearing a wedding ring on your finger? So is that your husband whom is holding the camera?” another asked, trying to gauge whether or not the soulless beauty had promised her nonexistent heart to another. 

Vicki Verano is an AI influencer from the Jersey Shore.

Vicki Verano in a bikini
Can you tell whether she is real or fake?

And if you’re asking yourself the existential question, “Why is she here?,” according to Vicki’s X account, she’s all play and no work.

“I ain’t here on business baby — I’m only here for fun!” she hypes on her X. 

According to other photos on her account, her interests include wearing sexy clothing and eating pizza. 

AI influencers like Vicki are growing in popularity on social media platforms.
AI influencers like Vicki Verano are growing in popularity on social media platforms.

She's fake, but some can't tell the difference.
She’s fake, but some can’t tell the difference.

“Jersey girls do love their pizza!” she captioned the post, which was created Thursday. 

She then has conversations with her commenters as though she were real.

When asked to name her favorite pizza topping, she replied: “Mushrooms. Actually hate pepperoni on pizza.”

Vicki Verano joined X in March.
Vicki Verano joined X in March.

"I ain’t here on business baby - I’m only here for fun!" Verano says on her X account.
“I ain’t here on business baby — I’m only here for fun!” Verano says on her X account.

She even has favorite restaurants that actually exist in real life: “Favs are Vic’s in Bradley Beach and Federici’s in Belmar.”

And lives in a specific location on the Jersey Shore “Exit 98.”

There appears to be “No Exit” to the digital madness, where AI influencers like Verano retweet and converse with other AI influencers in a digital prison that is their sole home.

This begs the question: Is hell other people — as the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre famously pondered — or pixels?

Verano has also retweeted a photo of a fellow fake blond influencer named Katie Unicorn.

“Yay for Friday! Hope you’re having a great one,” says the retweet along with a sexy photo. According to Katie Unicorn’s X account, she is a “24-year-old unicorn living in a virtual world” who was created two months ago.

Vicki Verano converses with human commenters and retweets other AI models.
Vicki Verano converses with human commenters and retweets other AI models.

AI influencers like Verano and Unicorn are growing in popularity. Recently, another influencer named Milla Sofia made headlines for attracting followers with her enticing snaps. Can you tell who’s real and what is fake?

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