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Jack White auctions off Tesla after Elon Musk falling out

Jack White, the White Stripes rocker who once hailed Elon Musk as “the Henry Ford of the 21st century,” is dumping his 2013 Tesla Model S months after he lashed out at the mogul for reinstating the Twitter account of former President Donald Trump.

White, the guitarist whose riffs on the hit song “Seven Nation Army” are played in sports stadiums worldwide, made his Tesla and more than a 100 other items for sale as part of an online auction of memorabilia that includes guitars, musical equipment, furniture, an ice cream maker and artwork.

“Thought to be the first model S in the state of Tennessee, this car long-served as White’s daily driver,” the description of the car reads.

The description adds that the Tesla doesn’t include an Autopilot, the self-driving technology that has been blamed for numerous crashes, “because that s–t is crazy dangerous.”

As of Thursday, the top bid for the 10-year-old Tesla was $31,500.

The auction ends on Sunday.

Jack White, the “White Stripes” rocker, is auctioning off his 2013 Tesla Model S.
Jack White/Instagram

As of Thursday, the top bid for the Tesla was $31,500. The auction ends on Sunday.
As of Thursday, the top bid for the Tesla was $31,500. The auction ends on Sunday.

Prices for the same model type that are not owned by a celebrity are selling in mid-$20,000 range on Carfax.

The apparent fallout between the outspoken pair comes after White heaped praise on the Tesla boss In 2016.

“The big three CAN’T kill this baby,” White wrote on Instagram account after posting a photo with Musk.

White had a falling out with Elon Musk last year. The two are seen posing in 2016.
White had a falling out with Elon Musk last year — here they are in 2016.
Third Man Records

“He is the Henry Ford of the 21st century.”

Last November, however, White blasted Musk for his decision to allow Trump back on the social media platform, which was recently rebranded as X, after buying it for $44 billion.

“So you gave trump his twitter platform back. Absolutely disgusting, Elon. That is officially an a–hole move,” White wrote on Instagram.

“You intend to give platforms to known liars and wash your hands like pontius pilate and claim no responsibility?”

White blasted Musk last year for reinstating Donald Trump's Twitter account.
White blasted Musk last year for reinstating Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

White added: “You did a lot of amazing things with Tesla, Elon, and you deserve a lot of compliments in that department (i personally supported the hell out of that venture), but you’ve gone too far and are now using your power to promote horrible, violence inducing liars, who are taking the country and the world backwards and endangering the democracy that made you rich and successful in the first place.”

Trump was banned from Twitter by the company’s previous management following the Jan. 6 unrest at the US Capitol.

Musk purchased the platform with the aim of restoring nearly unfettered speech on the site after its content moderation policies appeared to target Trump and his supporters.

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